For The Record: Side 1

For The Record Side 1


“For The Record” is a new series I’m starting. It’s going to feature a weekly set list of songs that I sample from records I’ve collected over the years. I am going to try to do songs that are meaningful to me and that people haven’t heard a hundred times. If I really connect with a certain song, I will write about it and share my thoughts on why it’s important to me. And if you don’t care about what I have to say, then you can just listen! (:

Here’s some warmth from an acoustic festival in Berkeley, California at the Greek Theatre in 1977. Let her spin!





  • Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic Music, Live from Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley in 1979

Songs Featured:

  • Just Another Night With The Boys – The Persuasions
  • Boney Fingers – Hoyt Axton
  • Save The Whales – Country Joe McDonald
  • San Francisco Bay Blues – Ramblin’ Jack Elliot

*This is worth the read* … an excerpt from the record.

“Bread & Roses, a nonprofit organization based in Marin County, California, was founded in 1979 by Mimi Farina in order to bring free live entertainment to people in limited environments who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the performing arts. Hospitals, mental health facilities, convalescent homes for the ages, and prisons all house people who desperately need the joy, diversion, and positive human contact that live entertainment can provide. To this end, the Bread & Roses staff produces some thirty to forty shows a month in these institutions, bringing in widely known performers, as well as aspiring amateurs, who generously donate their time and talents. The benefits and pleasures derived from these shows are shared by performer and audience alike – as are, oddly enough, feelings of solitude, inner reflection, and isolation from society.

This two-album set contains some of the highlights of the first annual Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic music, a three-day event held in October 1977. The Festival concept was twofold: in addition to raising funds for the organization’s operating budget, the Festival was intended to bring back to life the sound of acoustic music. It was a great success on all counts. Proceeds from the sale of this album will help to provide operating funds for Bread & roses ongoing community services to institutionalized audiences. Your support helps to continue our work. We thank you.

– Mimi Farina and the Staff”





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