SoulPurpose Album

SoulPurpose Album Cover

Colorado Soul Sound from Jackson & Mitch.

SoulPurpose is a concept that Jackson and I have been running with since we first started creating music together in 2012. We believe that our soul purpose is to give and receive happiness through the liberation of our music. We make our music from our heart and soul, using the instruments we have at hand and singing about what we know to be true. We hope that you enjoy our music!


Snow Melts Away: (Feb. 2018) This song was inspired by the sounds of snow melting that you hear in the begin and in the background throughout the whole song. On a sunny morning in Boulder, Colorado – after snow fall the night before – Jackson and I set out to make music on his front porch. This is what we came up with.

* Also, I’d like to point out that the drums you hear in this song are from a drum that Jackson cleverly crafted over many hours of labor. Made from a hollowed out cottonwood tree and stretched tight with elk hide, this drum has become the “back-beat” of our sound. Bravo J.

Sweet Lilacs: (June 2016) This one holds a special place in our hearts. On a camping trip through the beautiful state of Colorado, Jackson and I stopped to make camp in Aspen. The picture you see on the album cover was our morning view. Breathtaking, right? We were inspired by the many Lilacs that were blooming in the mid-summer heat, and the sweet fragrance they held. Over the next few days, as we played our instruments by the campfire at night, this song was born. The sound has been described as ‘swimming in an ocean’. You tell us what you think.



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