The Horseshoe Lounge

MWS - The Horseshoe Lounge Graphic

…and there I sat, in a dim lit bar full of social creatures looking to do what we do so naturally. Socialize.

The drinks flowed from behind the bar as people warmed up after a long days work. Moods softened as they took their first sip from a cold beer pint. Shoulders dropped with a deep exhale, as if they too were tired from carrying the weight of the day upon them. On the other hand, some moods intensified as conversations grew personal and stories began to unfold. Hands and arms waived and gestured through the air exclaiming, Some – like me – sat quietly, observing. Lips sealed tight. Eyes open, scanning around the room. Ears attentive, listening for gems in conversation. Listening to it as a whole. Each person having a different background, a different story and perspective. Each totally unique.

I too was in my own world. Living out my own story. Creating. Taking the sounds from the Horseshoe Lounge and capturing them in a moment in time, only to be played back later on. Giving them their own story. Letting them live on.

Here’s what I heard.

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