Haitian Breeze Cafe Photo Album





Haitian Flag




Haitian Boy SoloSkin & Bones. A portrait.


Esteban Colorful Drums CadenceThe First Sound Of Music. Esteban plays drums at Cadence Records on our first full day.


Lancia Bob Boating 2Sail Away With My HeartLancia & Rob share a beautiful moment on the ocean.


4 Haitain Boys Group Photo 2Brothers In Arms. Neighborhood boys goofing around.


Bob Orphange Solo FullBob Rabbit, The Visionary. Bob throws the thumbs up after a mission complete.


Lestheme's Daughter 1Camera Shy. Lestheme’s daughter flirts with the camera.


Kevin Esteban Mitch Mixtape PictureHaitian Breeze Cafe the Mixtape… Coming soon.


Jungle RobA Rabbit & His Prestige. Bob drinks Prestige in the heat of it all.


Haitian Family At Home 2Our Family. Rony, Mitch, Medjina, Kenzie, Rob, and Wedemarline. (left to right)


Rob Atop Cadence RecordsTaking It All In. Bob lost in thought on the Rooftop at Cadence Records.


Orphan Boy In White SmileThe Innocence of Children. Orphan boy smiles into the camera, possibly for the first time.


Ricardo Kenzie Rob Mitch PrestigePrestige Break! Ricardo, Kenzie, Rob, Mitch. (left to right)


Rob Bump Day 5Bump Day Bob. Happy Bump Day from Haiti.


Rony HBCOur Fearless Leader, Rony Pierre. Rony leads the community and inspires us all!


Young HaitiansYoung Legends. The best dancers in the whole town!


Rob Lancia BraidsTender Loving Care. Lancia braids Rob’s Hair.


Wedmarline Smile BoatingWedemarline, The Guardian. The smile says it all.


Rob Mitch PrestigeFriendship. Rob & Mitch at Haitian Breeze Cafe.


Solo Haitain BoySpider-Man. A super hero in his own right.


Rob PonderThe Thinker. Bob Rabbit.


Rony Friend OrphanageRony & Friend. At the orphanage.


Rob Bump Day 3Bump Day Bob aka Slick Back Bob. Live!


Orphan Boy In GreenBoy In Green. Orphan from Rony’s home.


Mitch SoloMitch’s World of Sounds. A Portrait.


Kevin With OrphansThe Love of Children. The kids love on Kevin.


Medjina Solo BoatingMedjina, Strong & Beautiful. Medjina smiles for a portrait on the ocean.


Mitch Boating With FriendsBoating With Friends. How many people can you fit on a Haitian Boat? We found out.


Orphan Spiderman SeriousYour Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood, Spider-Man. The boys have fun with our camera.


Rob Solo Thumbs UpTout Bagay Anfom. Bob Rabbit.


Mitch With OrhpansMy Helper. My Friend. Thanks for everything.


Wedmarline Serious BoatingInto The Depths. A portrait. Wedemarline.


Yougn Dave EstebanYoung Dave & Esteban. Cheers to Haitian Breeze Cafe.


Young Haitian ModelsThe Work Is Never Over. Young men & workers At Haitian Breeze Cafe.


Rob SoloThe Cold Brew King of The West. Bob Rabbit.


Orphans SeriousCuriosityBoys from the orphanage.


Mitch Kiss PrestigePrestige, My Love. Mitch.


Kevin Odson Rony Making SeedsPlanting Seeds. Kevin, Rony, Odson. (left to right)


Lestheme's Daughter 2Purity. Lestheme’s daughter.


Mitch Kenzie Kevin CarBank Boys. Mitch, Kenzie, Kevin.


Haitain Boy Mid ShotBig World.


Esteban Kevin Candid HBCKevin’s World Of Sounds. Esteban & Kevin discussing life over a cold Prestige.


Esteban Solo CigaretteSmoke Break. Esteban.


3 Haitian Kids CafeFamily.


Beautiful LanciaLancia, So Playful.


Kevin Esteban Mitch Rooftop CadenceThe Crew. Rooftop at Cadence Records. Kevin, Esteban, Mitch. (left to right)


Rob Solo Distance HBCWobbie Shower. Bob Rabbit.


Beautiful AudjyaAudjya, The Chief.


Guitar Odsons BirthdayHaitian Guitar. At Odson’s Birthday Party.


Kevin Esteban Rooftop CadenceMarathon Murph & Eagle Eyes Esteban.


Rob Mitch Pour Tafia HBCTafia Break. Taking a break from work for moonshine and dancing.


Orphans 1Energy. Kids from the orphanage providing us with so much energy.


Esteban Thumbs Up HBCMwen Anfom! Esteban.


Kevin With The GirlsFriendship. Party at Odsons! Wedemarline, Medjina, Kevin, Lancia. (left to right)


Orphan Boy EyesWhere’d You Learn That From?


Rob Bump Day 4Live! Bob Rabbit Bump Day at Home.


Mitch Esteban Kevin HBC3 Amigos. Mitch, Esteban, Kevin. (left to right)


Esteban Solo OrangeEagle Eyes. A portrait.


Orphans Group Shot ShoesKicks For The Kids. Group photo before dividing the shoes amongst the orphans. 


Rob Bump Day 2Bumpin’. Bob Rabbit Bump Day at Home.


Orphans 2Blanc! Orphans pose for us – the blanc’s (white).


Wedmarline Smile On BeachAll Smiles At The Beach. Stephanie & Wedemarline. (left to right)


Rob Lancia Braids 2Braids For Bob. Lancia braids Rob’s hair.


Young DaveBusiness As Usual. Young Dave & the boys talk business.


Rob Bump Day 1It’s The Truth You Seek, It’s The Truth! Bob lays down vocals for Haitian Bump Day.


Odson DrivingOdson, Cool & Calm. Driving in Haiti – our strength and security comes from Odson. 


Mitch Rob 4L4 Life. Our mantra, “Haitian Breeze Cafe, For Life”.


Rob At Lestheme's Purple DrapesSoccer Break. Rob takes a break to watch some soccer. Germany vs Brazil.


Kenzie Rob Mitch Prestige“Where Do We Go On A Rainy Day?” Our friend and translator Kenzie shows some love.


Esteban HBCThe Heat Of The Jungle. Esteban smiles in the heat of the jungle. Outside Haitian Breeze.


HBC Photo 3Haitian Breeze Cafe! The community builds Haitian Breeze Cafe. It’s a celebration!!


Esteban Solo Bandit BoatingEstebandit. Esteban rides the Haitian Waves on our last day.


4 Haitian Kids CafeAt The Root Of It All. Love is at the root of it all. 


Esteban Solo Prestige Cheers HBCSante! A proper cheers from Esteban. 


Bass Odsons BirthdayHaitian Bass. Bass player at Odson’s birthday party.


4 Haitain Boys Group PhotoThick Skin. The children embrace one another with love despite their daily conditions.


Esteban Solo Drums HomeRim Shots From Haiti. Esteban finds a groove on our home kit.


Mitch Portrait B&WReal Happiness. In Haiti, I found a whole new reason to smile.




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