Bomb Cyclone

Ever wonder what a “bomb cyclone” sounds like? Well… take a listen to this.

I have never been in such a storm before in my life. I watched as it slowly grew during the morning, winds increasing and snow piling up on the streets. The roads were empty except for a few brave solders. Although, I don’t know if I’d call them brave since I watched one car try to stop at a stop sign and go sliding through the intersection into a parked car. As you can hear in the recordings, there are many sirens going on in the background. It was an all out crisis, and people needing saving.

Many times when the news tells us about a big storm coming, we don’t know whether it’s going to be an over-exaggeration or not. This one, however, was NOT.

By mid-day the winds had picked up to 80+ mph. Any normal person would close the window, put on a good tv show, grab a warm cup of tea, and chill out. I, however, opened up the windows and set up for the most epic recording session. Why? Well, because people need to hear this.

Take a listen to the roaring winds. Hear the way the naked trees shake and rattle in the wind. And feel what it feels like to be in Colorado’s bomb cyclone.

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